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Antonini Navi Made in Italian

"I was born in La Spezia, I saw the Pertusola shipyard grow from the top of the Gulf of Poets, men with helmets who prepared, welded and assembled, pieces for the oil platforms, which took shape day after day and slowly imposed on the yard of the shipyard. Now all this will be converted to the construction of yachts and megayachts up to 50 meters. Antonini Navi with a planned investment worth over 10 million €. This is to bring a city back to having a symbol that was born and developed in this area and to create the know-how we need in Italy

These will be the main activities of the yard: 1. Megayacht construction for third parties: shipyards or other sector operators contract out the construction of certain lines to Antonini Navi, which has an advanced production facility with systems and equipment for making steel hulls and superstructures.

2. Full Custom Yacht production: Antonini Navi can meet all requirements in terms of both size and category. The know-how and expertise of its engineers, craftsmen and other professionals are backed up by advanced design systems, innovative technology and extensive production facilities, thus guaranteeing high standards of quality, safety and reliability, but also seaworthiness and focus on detail.

3. Refitting: operating out of its own shipyard, Antonini Navi will provide routine and extraordinary maintenance services for yachts of any size and level of wear, with the aim of prompt delivery while always ensuring the highest quality standards thanks to the installation of highly reliable , latest-generation technology. This is a field in which the group already operates, with major customers including the Italian Navy, for which it worked on the famous training vessel Vespucci, a splendid tall ship built in 1930.

4. Antonini Navi range: the yard will develop a full range of displacement and semi-displacement yachts (from 30 to 50 meters) designed by the brand's internationally renowned Creative Director Fulvio de Simoni, whose work over the years has revolutionized aesthetic conventions in the yachting industry. The new line of yachts, Crossover, is a concept that embodies the excellence imprinted in the group's DNA. The Crossover line's common denominator is a voluminous but flowing design under the waterline and the contemporary lines. The first unit to be built will be the 130 '(40 m) Crossover, a yacht encapsulating all the features and potential of the line

The Crossover Series will be a success, with the support of the Antonini family and its infrastructures, Aldo Manna will do a great job, which he is used to and who has been doing for decades Good luck Antonini Navi, that the sea can give you many emotions "

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