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Ecoo By Julien Candro

Ecoo: Today, yachts are more and more immoderate size objects which spend a considerable amount of time moored in harbor, so in permanent contact with the external environment. Therefore, yachts have a significant potential for the installation of solar energy production systems. So I designed a yacht provided with a huge surface of solar panels in order to be a source of energy.

When the yacht is moored, electricity generated can be fed into the local public power grid in order to illuminate streets for example and when it is moving, energy produced is self consumed by supplying electronic devices and engine.

The hull is made of bamboo and resin. In view of current environmental challenge, bamboo is more interesting than steel for several reasons:

-First, bamboo is a natural, abundant and renewable raw material, which doesn’t require many resources and maintenance to grow. The development of the use of this material in yacht construction might make it possible to combat natural resources depletion.

Secondly, this material participates in the fight against global warming by capturing CO2. Indeed, one hectare of bamboo absorbs up to 62 tons of CO2, it’s three times more absorbent than one hectare of wooded forest. Moreover, raw material, bamboo, doesn’t require much processing to be converted into a construction material, which limits energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Lastly, thanks to the bamboo, the draught is smaller than the one of a made of steel hull and the fuel consumption is reduced.

From a technical perspective, bamboo is lighter than steel while being as resistant.

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