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The main idea behind NZURI’s interiors is the natural flow of different spaces at different points of time. This notion has been interpreted with a color gradation that begins with the liter shades of grey on the upper decks, transforming into a darker grey and bluish hue as it gets closer to the water on the lower decks.

The intention with NZURI’s interior spaces was to create a comfortable and tasteful

environment that incorporates the element of privacy, while providing an exciting venue for the adventurous traveler and its guests.

The Lounge:

Located on the Main Deck, the Lounge is perhaps the heart of NZURI. With its sweeping

ocean views, and its classically elegant décor, it serves as the stage for multiple social

gatherings throughout different times of day. It is a space that transforms. With custom

furniture designed to be flexible and movable, the layout of the room can change from

daytime seating room, to nighttime dining room, a configuration that is both highly functional,

and appealing to the senses.

The Owner’s Suite:

Situated at the very tip of the bow section on the Owner’s Deck, The Owner’s Suite presents a destination of its own. Designed to capture the scenes of the ocean context, it is perhaps the most memorable space on NZURI. Its symmetrical layout allows for equal circulation flow on both sides of the room, while preserving a linear composition from which an array of dynamic perspectives derive. The space is created with the notion of complete privacy, while providing full advantage of all on-suite amenities.

The Bath:

Directly opposite the sleeping and seating areas inside the Owner’s Suite, The Bath has been

created as a space that evokes serenity, peace, and tranquility. With its very own sauna room, walk in shower, separate water closet, double vanity, closet & storage compartments, and tub area, The Bath becomes the ultimate amenity for the exclusive on-suite experience.

The Beach Club:

Located on the Lower Deck, The Beach Club becomes a gateway into the vessel, as it might

very well be the first space that many guests will see. It is a playful combination between

indoor and outdoor, and it sets the tone for what is to come inside and up. With day beds

placed around the center, seating arrangements that can be put out on the retractable decks, and a bar counter for serving, the club becomes the perfect setting for morning breakfast and early evening sunset cocktails.

The Pool:

Also situated on The Owner’s Deck, The Pool is a must have for any legitimate luxury yacht. In the case of NZURI, it serves as both pool deck, and landing pad, responding of course, to theneeds of a true expedition vessel. With low seating and table like surfaces, the perimeter ofthe pool has been designed to allow for comfortable social gatherings and the enjoyment of ocean views, while providing a functional and safe landing site.

The Sun Deck:

Taking the vantage point from the very top of NZRUI, The Sun Deck is the perfect outdoor

space for relaxation. With similar perimeter seating as in the pool deck, and with a jacuzzi tub in the center, The Sun Deck becomes a rooftop like getaway from buzz below, one that will beparticularly enjoyable while star gazing at night.

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