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m/y BLACK HERON by Anna Borla

The design of m/y Black Heron has not many structural changes to avoid an excessive cost but it has a lot of cosmetic changes and design concepts to create a new modern aspect on the Yacht. She has more geometrical lines on the superstructure and on the hull, new colours that give the Yacht a better layout, with an aggressive look. The most important changes are the increase of the volume on the stern and on the bow. This allows to create a new Spa and sports area close to the beach area and a new space on the bow, away from the comfort areas, to use it as a garage tender or a big overview relax area when the electrical doors are closed.

The new black lines on the superstructure that seem like big windows, allow hiding the original superstructure and keeping the original portholes. Inside the interiors, the use of the sliding doors allow converting private areas into big open spaces. The interiors of the Yacht are made of eco-friendly materials, especially wood and glass; many rooms have ceilings and floors made of wood planks and recycled textiles for the furniture.

Length Overall: 87,00 m Beam: 14,20 m Draft: 4,00 m Owner cabin: 126 m2 Upper deck totally dedicated to the Owner: 330 m2 Guest: 16 people Guest cabin: 2 Vip Cabin, 6 Guest Cabin Entertainment: 2 Cinema, 1 Basketball Court, 1 Spa Area (274 m2)

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