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Plato Valentin Weigand

The key design feature is the dining winter-garden which sits in front of a wine cave and an art gallery that also serves as a pre-dinner lounge for those endless nights full of exceptional conversations, Michelin starred food and a mind blowing ambience. The winter-garden is transferable into a partly opened area, features a waterfall that leads into the beach clubs pool and can function as either a solitary space or a place of congregation.

Furthermore the yacht offers a smooth transition between mental inspiration and a life of leisure, which is magnified in spaces such as the beach club situated on the lower deck aft including a SPA and a fitness room, as well as various tenders and toys. When the time is right for a proper on board party, the main deck aft lounge will be the ideal location - slided out, the lounge provides space to dance, sit and chat while the DJ might be delivering just the right vibes - performing from the winter-gardens slided out balcony above.

Overall, Plato offers a platform for physical and mental well being , encouraging travellers on board to recognise and appreciate and preserve the beauty.

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