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YACHT PROJECT: Metropolitan sea loft / Urban Sophistication

Designed in collaboration with the renowned yacht company Benetti, this 29 meters

yacht is the embodiment of comfortable modern sea travelling. The yacht can

welcome 12 guests on board due to its multifunctional rooms and user friendly design.

This yacht englobes the right juxtaposition between nature and technology, with its

luxurious material mix of wood elements & reflective surfaces.

A fusion of sporty spirit, unique style and peerless comfort, this yacht embodies a

timeless design, perfect for enjoying relaxing moments in good company.

Skilful assemblages of colours and textures to combine spatial homogeneity and

progression with an ever-changing outlook scenery.

This yacht features are made to recreate the beauty of the natural sublime, where

powerful elements meet embracing environments.

Timeless detailing and luxurious finishing complete this glamorous design, created for

a charismatic customer searching for a custom made yacht. Conceived for a

cosmopolitan owner with a strong personality who loves to explore the seas on

extended cruises, the yacht offers an innovative, flowing layout that breaks down all

barriers between interior and exterior.

The design solutions promote constant contact with the natural surroundings, from the

panoramic windows to the generous terraces and glorious sundeck, where the sunlight

glints off the facets of the surface in a play of architectural lines that draws the eye to

the hard top, as sky meets sea. The contemporary linear feel outdoors is in perfect

harmony with the metropolitan-style interiors. The ample spaces are embellished with

prestige materials and a judicious use of glass, set off by minimalist d cor and cuttingedge

entertainment features that combine to instantly evoke the typical mood of a

New York loft.

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