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Saxdor Yachts

Concept and design are the most important things in the definition of a new boat or a new range.

The Saxdor team works closely with J&J to design Saxdor boats.

J&J Design is, arguably, world’s most experienced boat design office for production power- and sailboats. In the last 36 years J&J designed innumerous bestsellers for world’s largest and most prestigious boat and yacht builders.

The studio’s ability to innovate and create, based on accumulated deep industry know-how led to a range of new products – uniting new design features and technologies to  improve the boating experience of customers worldwide.


Combining the simplicity of a jet ski with the comfort of a compact boat.

The Saxdor 200 SPORT is a 20ft outboard powered personal watercraft that proves affordable boating doesn’t mean compromising quality, seakeeping, versatility, performance or sexy styling. It’s a personal watercraft that combines the convenience and ease of use of a jet ski with the safety and comfort of a compact boat.

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