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Sichterman’s first yacht was launched this weekend at the shipyard in Workum, Friesland. The aluminium Inveni combines elements of the famous Dutch Lemsteraken sailing vessels with innovative luxury motor yacht design. With other vessels soon to hit the water, the release of first Inveni, shows that Sichterman Yachts has really taken off.

The official launch of the first Sichterman took place at the wharf where the yacht was built from A to Z. With over 35 years of experience in building sailing vessels and motor yachts, Workumer Yachtservice is as trustworthy with the complete process of constructing a yacht, as any in the business.

The Inveni is the kind of vessel on which its owners can travel from the Russian to the Mediterranean Sea. The vertical bow gives the Inveni a classic appearance, which is what designer Cor D. Rover aimed for.

The timeless design of the Inveni, is combined with the latest in innovations from the super yachting world. The Hull Vane and the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF), both designed by Van Oossanen Naval Architects and never used in a single vessel of this size, work together to make the yacht generate less waves, have a longer range at cruise speed and a lower fuel consumption.

On top of this, the Seakeeper technology eliminates boat roll significantly.

“Our client mister van Hilst challenged us to push technological limits to a new level and deliver a 5-star luxury experience.” Sichterman CEO Bart Rehe says, “Our client mister van Hilst challenged us to push technological limits to a new level and deliver a 5-star luxury experience. Being a former sailor, he wanted the yacht to be as quiet as possible, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort and fuel efficiency at the same time. And that we’ve succeeded. We’re proud to say that the Inveni accomplishes a fuel saving of 20%.”

It were these qualities that owner Ruud van Hilst looked for, when he researched the motor yacht industry. With a long and successful background in competitive sailing, van Hilst wanted the best of both worlds. “Sichterman turned out to deliver exactly what I envisioned. The team and its partners, consisting of Workumer Yacht Services, Van Oossanen Naval Architects and Cor D. Rover, did a great job translating my wishes into a yacht that is safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. After a few tests, I can say that I’m extremely satisfied with the way the ship handles itself in open water. It really cruises through the waves, almost as if you’re on a train.”

Inveni 18M Specifications:

Design: Cor D. Rover Engineering: Van Oossanen Naval Architects Builder: Workumer Yachtservice LOA: 18M/58FT Beam: 5.15M Displacement: 31.5T Construction: Aluminium Hull shape: FDHF by Van Oossanen Naval Architects Engines: 2x Cummins 550 HP Fuel: Diesel Max. speed: 23 knots Cruising speed: 18 knots Watertank: 1000 liter Max. passengers: 6 Sleeps: 4 Classification: A

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